Transit bundles are a new way of delivering IT solutions to small business owners across the country. Designed to give users the technology they need – without charging for all the bells and whistles they don’t. Transit are also the only bundles which allow you to scale services up and down over time, without penalty, meaning your IT needs are consistently meeting your business demands. Try Transit for one year and get the first 2 months, free.


Are you worried about your PC but don’t need a fully managed desktop package? Transit Starter is designed to protect your PC with leading security tools, but packaged at a price that’s very affordable. This bundle gets you going with the basics, and our antivirus and intrusion scanners include access to our world class support team.


Looking for backup for your desktop computer, off site, and into the cloud? Transit Lite for small office / home office gives you virus protection, vulnerability scanning and reporting, and a managed data backup to the cloud from your desktop.


When you need the ability to share data, and access it remotely. Example: accountants and lawyers often need to access their data from clients’ sites, home or when travelling, and due to the nature of the data stored, they need to ensure it is secure. Our Transit Pro bundle starts with 2 users, connecting you to your business and ensuring it’s secure.


Are you in the creative business? An ad agency, video or gaming space? Has IT been a challenge for you as you deal with large files, tight deadlines and ever changing demands? Enter Transit Creative. Our elastic cloud offerings provide you 100% secure Canadian cloud servers that allow you to ramp up as your teams and projects grow but pay for technology as you consume it.


Whether you have a single shop, multiple locations or an e-commerce site – staying in touch with your customers is what matters most. Our flexible Transit retail packages will ensure your technology never takes away from your sales.


From home office to corner office, we’ve got Canada’s small businesses covered with Transit technology bundles. Try Transit now and get 2 months on us!